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We are unique and challenge the status quo of traditional models offered in the industry. Adaptability is at the core of all our solution offerings. With extensive experience in managing motor assessing outcomes, repair cycle times and automotive services, we commit to delivering outcomes that service your requirements.


Bespoke models supported by our expertise in all facets of assessing and repair management services. Motor loss assessing is at the core of Tapanda solutions, whether it be pre, mid or post repair assessment. From passenger, heavy motor, motorbikes as well as significant expertise in exotic and prestige vehicles our assessing philosophy is simple; “We achieve a true cost of repairs, of the highest quality in a timely manner”. Our solutions are adaptable combining assessing practices with advanced technology enabling us to control and validate the true cost of repairs.
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All inclusive end of lease inspections maximising the return for the driver and retaining the lease agreement for the lessor.
A key factor of success is timeliness. Inspecting your Customers’ vehicle correctly and capturing a correct end of lease value will ensure you retain and place the driver in a new vehicle faster, successfully increasing your lease renewal rate.
Tapanda uses the latest technology available, removing the need for onsite inspections which are lengthy and an inconvenience to all parties.


We don’t expect you to have all the answers. Our consulting services can help identify needs you have and tailor a solution accordingly. We can assist you with assessing & repair expertise, workshop management and lean thinking methodologies to help you improve on the outcomes of your business.


Whether you need to establish a new network or manage your existing, Tapanda can assist your business repair network management. We have a comprehensive understanding of the repairer industry and our extensive experience in dealing with repairers nationally, will result in the desired outcome.

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